Medical Libraries and eBooks

OVID™ offers Healthcare Professionals productive and efficient tools to help them optimise time in their research while finding relevant answers that can make important contributions to patient care.

With the most comprehensive collection of eBooks and scientific articles on demand, you can consult libraries at any time and on any device.

You can also search for specific topics or articles, using OVID® Discovery, a search engine specialising in biomedical content. The database is made up of millions of resources from the world's most reliable scientific sources. The results of your search are sorted by relevance, and you can also choose different filters to make the effectiveness of the result even greater.

Also discover OVID™ Health Library which offers you full and free access to some of the top

Medical Journals covering over 100 specialty areas and providing the most up-to-date research.

You will also have access to videos, images and clinical cases to help you diagnose complex conditions, and identify and manage the treatment of your patients.

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